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To enter the Promotion and be eligible to win, Eligible Entrants must, during the Promotion Period purchase any KitchenAid product below (excluding utensils, sink ware, measuring tools and refurbished products) from or any participating retailer snd register their details and upload a copy of the receipt for the purchase of the Eligible Product and submit the entry via the KitchenAid giveaway form.

Please refer to our T&Cs here for more information.


KSM3311 Mini Stand Mixer
KSM45 Classic Stand Mixer
KSM150 Artisan Stand Mixer
KSM160 Artisan Stand Mixer
KSM175 Artisan Stand Mixer
KSM177 Artisan Stand Mixer
KSM180 Limited Edition Artisan stand mixer
KSM7581 Pro Line Bowl Lift Mixer
KPM5 Bowl Lift Mixer
KSM7590 Bowl Lift Mixer
KSMC895 Bowl Lift Mixer




5KSMMGAA Metal Food Grinder Attachment
5KSMSFTAA Sifter+Scale Attachment
KSMPSA Pasta Roller
KSMPCA Pasta Cutter and Angel Companion set
KRAV Ravioli Roller
KSMPRA 3 piece pasta
KSMPEXTA Gourmet pasta press
5KSMFGA Food grinder/mincer
5KSMFGAA Food grinder/mincer refresh
SSA Sausage stuffer tubes
5KSMSSAA Sausage stuffer tubes refresh
FVSFGA Fruit & Veg Strainer w mincer
KSMFVSPA Fruit & Veg Strainer w mincer refresh
FT Food Tray
FT Food Tray refresh
KSM2FPA Food Processor
KSMVSA Fresh Prep slicer/shredder
5KSMEMVSC 3 pc Drum Set for 5KSMVSA attachment
KSMSCA Vegetable sheet cutter
KSM2APC Spiralizer Plus
5KSMAPC1AP 2 Blade Accessory pack for Spiralizer
JE Citrus juicer
KSM1JA Juicer & Sauce attachment
KGM Grain Mill
5KICA0WH Ice cream bowl
KSMTHPS Tilt-Head Pouring Shield



5KSM2CB5BGS Artisan Bread Bowl with Baking Lid
5KSM2CB5PPY 4.7L Poppy Decal Ceramic Bowl
5KSM2CB5TLW 4.8L Embossed White Chocolate Bowl
5KSM2CB5PSS 4.7L Ceramic Bowl Speckled Stone
5KSM2CB5PCC 4.7L Ceramic Bowl Classic Columns
5KSM2CB5PSL 4.7L Sage Leaf Ceramic Bowl
5KSM2CB5PFC 4.7L Fired Clay Ceramic Bowl
KSM5SSBRG 4.8L Radiant Gold Stainless Steel Bowl
5KSM5SSBRB 4.8L Radiant Black Stainless Steel Bowl
5KSM5SSBRC 4.8L Radiant Copper Stainless Steel Bowl
KSM2CB5PBS 4.7L Black Shell Ceramic Bowl
KSM2CB5PWS 4.7L White Shell Ceramic Bowl
KSM2CB5TWM 4.7L White Mermaid Lace Ceramic Bowl
KSM5GB 4.7L Glass Bowl for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KSM2CB5PWF 4.7L Whispering Floral Ceramic Bowl
KFE5T Flex Edge Beater for Tilt-Head
K5THSBP 4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl
K45WW Wire Whisk for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KB3SS 2.8L Stainless Steel Bowl for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KN1PS Pouring Shield for 4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl
KSM5THWW Stainless Steel Wire Whisk for Tilt Head Stand Mixer
K5THCB Flat Beater for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
K45DH Dough Hook for Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KSM5THFB Stainless Steel Flat Beater for Tilt Head Stand Mixer
K5AWW Wire Whisk for Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
5KFE35T Mini Flex Edge Beater for Mini Stand Mixer
K5ADH Dough Hook for Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
K5ASB 4.8L Stainless Steel Bowl for K5 Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer K5ASB
K5AB Flat Beater for Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
KSMC7QBOWL 6.9L Stainless Steel Bowl for KSM7590/7581
KSM35SSB 3.3L Brushed Stainless Steel Bowl for Mini Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KSMC7QFB Stainless Steel Flat Beater for Bowl-Lift
KSM35CDH Artisan Mini Coated Dough Hook
KSMC7QDH Stainless Steel Dough Hook Spiral for Bowl Lift
KSM35WW Wire Whisk for Mini Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KSMC8QBOWL 7.6L Bowl for Commercial Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
KSMC7QPS Pouring Shield for 6.9L Stainless Steel Bowl
KSM35CFB Flat Beater for Mini Tilt-Head Stand Mixer
KSMC895 Stainless Steel Wire Whisk for Bowl-Lift
KAFE7L Flex Edge Beater for 6.9L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer
KSM5THDH Stainless Steel Dough Hook for Tilt Head Stand Mixer
KSM5TH3PSS Stainless Steel 3-Piece Beater Set for Tilt Head Stand Mixer
K45SBWH 4.3L Stainless Steel Bowl for Tilt Head Stand Mixer



KFC3516 3.5 Cup Mini Food Chopper
KFC0516 5 Cup Food Chopper
7 Cup Food Processor
KFP0919 9 Cup Food Processor
KFP1325 13 Cup Classic Food Processor
KFP1319 13 Cup Food Processor
KFP1444 14 cup Food Processor
KFP1333 13 cup Food Processor
KFP1644 16 cup Food Processor
5KFP13DC12 Dicing Kit KFP1333 & KFP1444


KSB4027 K400 Andromeda
KSB1325A K150 Pandora
KSB8270 Pro Line Blender
KSB1585 Diamond Blender
KSB1586 Diamond Blender
KSB5080 Magnetic Drive Blender
KSB5085 Magnetic Drive Blender
5KSB2030PJB Personal Blending Jar Expansion Pack 5KSB2030PJB
5KSB2040BBB Small Batch Expansion Pack for K400/K150
5KSB2032PJA Personal Accessory Jar


KHBBV83 Cordless Hand Blender
KHMB732 Cordless Hand Mixer
KFCB519 Cordless Food Chopper


KHBV53 Corded Classic Hand Blender
KHB1235 Classic Hand Blender
KHB2569 Artisan Deluxe Hand Blender
KHM926 Artisan 9 Speed Hand Mixer
KHBC310 Commercial Immersion Blender
KHBC418 Commercial Immersion Blender



KCM0512 Precision Press Coffee Maker
KCM4212 Cold Brew Coffee Maker
KCM0812 Siphon Coffee Brewer
KES2102 Espresso Machine
KAESSGR Espresso Machine and Burr Grinder Duo
KCG0702 Artisan Burr Grinder
KCG111 Artisan Spice & Coffee Grinder


KMT421 4 Slice Classic Toaster
KMT221 2 Slice Classic Toaster
KMT223 2 Slice Artisan Toaster
KMT423 4 Slice Artisan Toaster
KMT3115 2 Slice Design Toaster
KMT5115 4 Slice Design Toaster
KMT2116 2 Slice Long Slot Toaster
KMT4116 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster
KMT2204 Pro Line 2 Slice Toaster


KEK1322 Glass Tea Kettle
KEK1565 1.5L Design Kettle
KEK1722 1.75L Artisan Kettle
KEK1835 1.75L Artisan Kettle
KEK1222 1.25L Artisan Kettle
KEK1522 1.5L Pro Line Kettle
KTST20 1.9L Stove Top Kettle S/Steel
KTEN20SBER Stovetop Kettle


KSC6222 Artisan Slow Cooker
KMC4244 Multi-Cooker with Stir Tower


KCF0104A Cook Processor Platinum
KCF0104 Cook Processor


KMW276 Bake Assist Microwave Oven


779233960 Steel Core Enamel 20cm Covered Casserole
779234410 Steel Core Enamel 18cm Covered Saucepan in White
797810590 Cast Iron Casserole 23cm/3.8L Empire Red
797810680 Cast Iron Casserole 26cm/5.67L Empire Red
779234860 Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Coated 24cm Frypan in Silver
779234950 Multi-Ply Stainless Steel Coated 28cm Frypan in Silver
779234770 Classic Forged 20/28cm Twin Pack Aluminium Frypan Set in Black
779234680 Classic Forged 20/24/28cm Triple Pack Aluminium Frypan Set in Black