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Biscoff ice cream cones

Sep 21st 2022 · kitchenaid

Biscoff ice cream cones

Your favourite biscuit and spread, now transformed into gourmet ice cream. Our biscoff ice cream is better than anything you can get in store and you can create this with just the KitchenAid stand mixer and ice cream bowl.

  • Makes

    1 litre

  • Cook/Prep Time

    50min (plus chilling time and min 24 hours bowl freeze time)


      • 350ml full cream milk
      • 225g caster sugar
      • 400g biscoff spread
      • 1tsp vanilla paste
      • 8 egg yolks
      • 300ml thickened cream at room temperature
      • Extra Biscoff spread to serve
      • Biscoff biscuits to serve
      • Waffle ice cream cones to serve


  1. Before you begin, place a KitchenAid ice cream bowl in the freezer ahead of time for at least 24hrs.
  2. Warm up the milk along with the vanilla paste, caster sugar and 3 tbsp of Biscoff spread in a large saucepan on low heat, being carful not to boil. Remove from the heat once the sugar has dissolved.
  3. Attach the whisk attachment to a KitchenAid stand mixer. Whisk the egg yolks until lightly fluffy.
  4. Gradually pour the warm milk in to the egg mixture and whisk to combine.
  5. Pour the mixture back into the saucepan along with the thickened cream and place on a low heat. Allow it to gradually warm while stirring until the mixture thickens (5-6 minutes).
  6. Remove from the heat and pour into a jug to cool completely. Then place in the fridge until chilled.
  7. Attach the frozen KitchenAid ice cream bowl to a KitchenAid mixer, pour in the chilled ice cream mixture and churn for 25 minutes.
  8. Scoop out the soft serve ice cream into a loaf tin in layers and spoon out most of the remaining Biscoff spread in-between each layer. Place in the freezer for a minimum 24hrs (48hrs for a firmer ice-cream).
  9. Serve the ice cream in waffle cones with biscoff biscuits and an extra spoonful of biscoff spread.


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