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Food Processor Buying Guide

Easy to use with the twist-free bowl and lid
Easy to clean with the sealed and leak-resistant bowl
Easy to store with accessories stored inside the bowl

Food Processors

Extra functions like shredding, slicing & kneading Best for the complete solution

Food processors can handle larger recipes and offer more versatility due to the multiple blades for specific tasks.


Food Choppers

More compact and with a cordless option Best for smaller batches & quick tasks

A food chopper is perfect for quick, simple food prep tasks and smaller recipes.


Our must have food processors

The right capacity for every occasion

KFP1319 13 Cup Food Processor

$529 $399

This 13-Cup Food Processor is the right capacity for every meal-making occasion, big or small. And, it’s easier than ever to elevate all of your everyday meals with all of the functions it has to offer.

Tackles tough jobs with ease

KFP0921 9 Cup Food Processor

$349 $269

Explore meal-making possibilities with the 3 speed options and the ability to chop, shred, mince, slice, knead, whip, mix and puree everything from fresh veggies to cheeses, doughs, sauces, salsa and more.

All the power, without the cord

KFC519 5 Cup Cordless Chopper

$289 $199

Designed with a powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery for optimal runtime and performance, It gives you the freedom to control where you cook, without the cord.


Which colour suits you?

Colour is in our DNA! Learn more about our colours and what inspired it. So you can fill your kitchen with a stand mixer that not only looks good, but a colour that represents your own unique personality and style.
Matte Black

Experience the intrigue and depth of dark pan roasted black pepper that elevates the flavour of food

Almond Cream

Fill a flaky croissant with a buttery-sweet almond spread

Empire Red

Enjoy & savour the cranberry tone of Empire Red


Find your perfect food processor!

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A few FAQs

Question 1: Should I buy a food processor or blender?

food processor is great for chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing and pureeing everything from crunchy veggies right through to soft cheeses. Take the hard work out of your traditionally more labour-intensive tasks such as kneading dough, and utilise the variety of blades and discs available with each to provide a wide variety of ingredient shapes and sizes.

Blenders, on the other hand, are better for liquids and is used to create smooth textures for things like smoothies, soups and sauces... Or perhaps an icy cocktail to enjoy as the sun sets!

Question 2: What's the difference between a food processor & a food chopper?

A food processor has a feed tube, multiple blades or discs and a larger bowl capacity than a food chopper. When slicing and shredding, food is pushed through the feed tube into discs just below. Food can also be chopped, mixed or puréed with blades in the bowl of the food processor.

Food processors can handle larger recipes and offer more versatility due to the multiple blades for specific tasks such as chopping, shredding, slicing and julienning. KitchenAid food processors are available with a variety of bowl capacities and feed tube sizes for accommodating bigger batches and larger ingredients like whole sweet potatoes.


A food chopper is a compact appliance or manually operated kitchen tool that’s perfect for quick, simple food prep tasks and smaller recipes. An electric food chopper usually has a smaller bowl containing a single, multi-purpose blade that can chop, purée or mix. Food choppers do not have a feed tube but do often feature a drizzle basin to help emulsify liquids.

You can use a food chopper to make salad dressing, chop nuts to sprinkle on a dessert or purée your signature hummus recipe. Select KitchenAid® food choppers include a whisk accessory so you can also whisk, whip and stir because every dessert is better with fresh whipped cream on top.

Learn more about our food processors & food choppers here.

Question 3: Can you make dough in a food processor?

Yes, good news! A KitchenAid food processor can help you to make dough in minutes. Whether you're baking bread or make homemade pasta or homemade pizza dough, it's easy with your food pro.

Choose a food processor like the 7 cup food processor, 9 cup food processor or the 13 cup food processor, which come with a plastic dough blade made specially for the job.


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