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Parts Lists

5KSB5080A and 5KSB5085A Magnetic Drive Blender Parts List W10774314 Rev.B 10-15

5KSB1586A Blender Parts List W10835150 Rev. A 09-15

5KSB1585 Blender Parts List W10565856 Rev.C 6-14

5KSB650 Blender Parts List W10456637 9-11

5KSB560 Blender Parts List W10405844 1-13

5KSB555 Blender Parts List W10285042 9-09

5KSB45 Blender Parts List W10309205 2-10

5KSB5 Blender Parts List 8204532 9-03

5KSB52 Blender Parts List 8212373 1-09

Service Manuals

5KSB560 Blender Service Manual 8212414 8-06

5KSB5 Blender Service Manual 4317131 5-99

5KSB555 Blender Service Manual W10327947 4-10

Additional Information

Procedures for using 5KSB5-4 Replacement Part on 5KSB5-3 Blender

Stand Mixers (Domestic)

Parts Lists

5KSM156 Tilt Head Stand Mixer W10446199 9-13

5KSM156 90th Anniversary Tilt Head Stand Mixer Parts List W10268967 4-09

5KSM160 Tilt Head Stand Mixer Parts List W10388803

5KSM150 Tilt Head Stand Mixer Parts List 8212007 10-09

5KSM150 Tilt Head Stand Mixer Parts List W10553785 10-12

KSM90 Tilt Head Stand Mixer Parts List 4176924 8-05

K45SS Tilt Head Stand Mixer Parts List 8204543 9-03

5KSM7581 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Parts List W10583815 10-13

KPM5 Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer Parts List W10394311 2-11

5KSM5 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Parts List 8212399 7-06

5KSM7590 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Parts List W10547616

KPM50 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Parts List 4176922 9-03

5K5SS Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Parts List 8212359 5-06

Service Manuals

Stand Mixer Service Manual LIT4177310-C

Stand Mixer Service Manual Speed Control 6-12

Stand Mixer service wiring Schematic 9706364 1-01

Additional Information

Beater to Bowl Clearance Stand Mixer Tilt Head Models K45, KSM90, KSM150, KSM156, KSM160

Beater to Bowl Clearance Bowl Lift Model 5KSM7581, 5KSM7590

Beater to Bowl Clearance Bowl Lift Models 5KPM5, 5KSM5, 5K5SS, KPM50

Stand Mixers (Commercial)

Parts Lists

KP2670 Bowl Lift Stand Mixer Parts List 4176990 7-01

5KSMC895A Stand Mixer Parts List W10814966 Rev.A

Service Manual

KP2670 Repair Manual

KitchenAid Mixer Repair Demonstration (Videos)
1. Repair Tools Required

2. Splitting The Machine

3. Remove Speed Control Plate

4. Armature and Governor Removal

5. Replace Armature and Bearing Plate

6. Replace Speed Control and Governor

7. Repacking Grease

8. Assemble Machine and Clean

9. Other Faults




Parts Lists

5KMT2204A Toaster 2 slice Parts List W10567054 RevC. 01-16

KMT223 & KMT423 Toaster Parts List W10331780 5-10

5KTT780 Toaster Parts List 8211953 6-05

5KTT890 Toaster Parts List 8212169 11-05

Service Manuals

5KTT780 and 5KTT890 Toaster service wiring Schematic 7-03

Food Processors

Parts Lists

5KFP1444 Food Processor Parts List W10725861 7-14

5KFP0933A Food Processor Parts List W10725859 6-14

5KFP1644 Food Processor Parts List W10592528 10-13

KFP1333 Food Processor Parts List W10440012 8-12

5KFPCB700 Food Processor Parts List W10243122 12-08

5KFPM770 Food Processor Parts List W10185703 8-08

Service Manuals

KFP1644 Food Processor Service Manual 2013

Additional Information

How to remove and replace sleeve on KFP1333 and KFP0933 when blade has been fused to sleeve

5KFPM770 and 5KFPCB700 Food Processor sleeve and blade comparison

Burr Grinder

Parts List

5KCG0702A Burr Grinder Parts List W10846156 Rev.A 10-15

5KCG100 Burr Grinder Parts List 8212267 6-06

Service Manual

5KCG100 Burr Grinder Service Manual 8204570 2006

Sparkling Beverage Maker

Parts List

Parts List W10706234 7-14

Hand Mixer

Parts List

KHM926 Hand Mixer Parts List W10579466 7-13

KHM720A Hand Mixer Parts List W10276064 Rev.C 1-10


Parts List

5KEK1722 Kettle Part List W10620827 Rev B 04-15

5KEK1522A Kettle Parts List W10548967 Rev.H 01-16

5KEK1222A Kettle Parts List W10746749 Rev D. 01-16


Parts List

KCM222 & KCM223 Coffeemaker Parts List W10322597 Rev.E 08-12

5KCM0812A Siphon Coffee Brewer Parts List W10828847 Rev.B 03-16

5KCM0512A Precision Press Parts List W10829384 Rev.A 09-15

Slow Cooker

Parts List

KSC6222 Slow Cooker Parts List W10439993 11-11

Food Chopper

Parts List

KFC3511 Food Chopper Parts List 9-12

Cook Processor

Parts List

5KCF0103A Cook Processor Parts List W10801464 Rev.A 05-15


Parts List

5KMC4244A Multi Cooker Parts List W10754668 Rev.B 11-15