Blend more and work less with the blender that combines high power, high style and low effort. Discover the stylish new way to be daring and delicious, healthy and hassle-free.

Magnetic Drive Technology

Now you can blend hands–free. Our revolutionary Magnetic Drive technology with MagnaLock System locks the jar in place and allows you to easily slide it in and out—just like a coffee maker.

Adapti–Blend Recipe Programs

There's no need to keep an eye on your recipe; just select your setting and walk away. The blender automatically shuts off when blending is complete and plays an acoustic tone to let you know it's ready.


With 4 speeds, a powerful motor, and more than 8 colours to choose from (including premium two-coat metallic finishes), our Diamond blender will colourfully conquer any ingredient.

Diamond Blending System

The unique combination of a patented stainless steel blade and diamond–shaped jug creates a powerful vortex that blends your ingredients quickly and thoroughly.

Intelli–Speed® Motor Control

Whatever recipe you're creating, Intelli–Speed® technology senses contents and automatically adjusts the blade speed to tackle even the most difficult or delicate ingredients.


With its unique jug design, patented blade and electronic controls, the Artisan 5–Speed Blender is a kitchen favourite.

5 Speeds

Five speeds allow you to quickly tackle a variety of tasks, from blending frozen drinks to making ultrasmooth purées.

1.75L Blend & Serve Jug

1.75L shatter-resistant blend and serve jug provides fast, thorough blending and is easy to clean.



KSB5085 Magnetic Drive Blenders



KSB1586 Diamond Blender