Cook Processor

Welcome to creative, one-touch cooking with the Cook Processor.  Open up a world of instant culinary creativity with an all-in-one appliance that can boil, fry, steam, stew, knead, chop, mince, puree, mix, emulsify, whip and stir, all at the touch of a button.

Backed by more than 95 years of quality craftsmanship, timeless KitchenAid design coupled with a die-cast metal construction and beautiful colour finishes, the Cook Processor is sure to sit proudly on bench tops of Australian and New Zealand kitchens.

Explore the Cook Processor in detail on the Cook Processor Microsite including a world of recipes to inspire your culinary creativity.


Download the Cookbook app

Get the most out of the KitchenAid Cook Processor using the free Cook Processor App available for iPhone, iPad, Android phone, and Android tablet, providing step-by-step guidance for recipe creation. The recipes on the website and App are continually updated with new, innovative recipes.


Cook Processor

Boasting enough multi-functionality to process entire dishes, the KitchenAid Cook Processor is an intelligent and versatile all-in-one appliance set to revolutionise your kitchen. The Cook Processor does everything from boiling, frying, steaming, stewing and making dough, to chopping, mincing, pureeing, mixing, emulsifying, whipping and stirring.

Dishwasher safe, big capacity 4.5L bowl

Provides sufficient capacity for all recipes and the bowl is safe for the dishwasher.

High and precise cooking temperature (up to 140°C)

Provides higher and more even heat, precise temperature sensing and faster heat increase when incorporating cold food.

Cook Processor


Food Processor Attachment