1.5L Electric Kettle

Beautiful and modern design which enhances your kitchen bench with timeless elegance. Built for speed, this 1.5L Electric Kettle quietly boils water in minutes.

Adjustable Temperature Control

Adjustable Temperature Control allows you to Slide the lever to easily adjust from 50˚C to 100˚C. Choose the right temperature for your preferred beverage. Perfect for tea lovers.

Temperature Gauge

Temperature gauge rises as it heats and provides a precise temperature read even when it is removed from the base.

1.7L Artisan Kettle

With variable temperature settings and 30-minute hold temperature feature, this Kettle makes a stylish and chic addition to any kitchen space.

Digital Display and Keep Warm Function

Digital temperature display to view water temperature at a glance and easily adjust the setting. Maintains water at your desired temperature for up to 30 minutes.

Extra Wide Illuminated Water Window

Easily fill kettle to just the right amount. 1.7 L Capacity with the option to heat a minimum of 250ml of water.



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