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  • Jul 15th 2021
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Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m a content creator and writer—I should add I’m definitely not a professional chef. But I am passionate about all things related to food, so I started using social media as a creative outlet during quarantine to share quick recipes. And it just grew from there! I hope I can create welcoming and easy-to-follow content to show that anyone and everyone can cook.

What inspired your recipe for National Mac & Cheese Day?
I’m a strong believer that everything is better deep-fried (okay with some exceptions, of course). But they’re also inspired by these deep-fried mac & cheese balls that I ate at a chain restaurant in Los Angeles that we don’t have in Australia. You can find my Hot cheetos deep fried mac & cheese balls recipe here.

What’s your favourite cheese? And the perfect pairing to go with it?
That’s such a tough question! Am I going to sound like a child if I say mozzarella? It’s because it goes perfectly on pizza but also goes perfectly deep-fried as mozzarella sticks. I’m a sucker for stretchy, gooey cheese.

What’s your favourite dish to whip up for loved ones?
I always volunteer for dessert duty. A well-made dessert just caps off a great meal. My go-to dessert is usually a tiramisu or matcha tiramisu, or recently I’ve really enjoyed making sticky-date pudding because it’s perfect for winter.

Sweet or savoury?
If I’m the one making it, sweet. But if I’m the one eating it, savoury for sure. Super confusing, I know!

3 reasons why you love the cordless hand mixer
I have a pretty large kitchen, so I love that I don’t have limitations with staying close to the power socket. It charges super fast and lasts for such a long time, so I don’t have to worry about charging it often! Lastly, I’m obsessed with the fact that the speed levels vary so much. That way I can gently mix if I need to, or turn it all the way up if I’m whipping air into something like a meringue or whipped cream. Gotta love a multi-purpose appliance.