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  • Jul 15th 2021
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Tell us a bit about yourself

We are the ‘Studd Siblings’ – Sam and Ellie Studd – a brother-sister duo and two of Australia’s leading cheese experts. We are passionate about preserving artisan cheese and raw milk cheese as it’s a dying artform in this modern industrial world. Through our family business, we sell a selection of beautiful benchmark cheeses (Selected by Will Studd) to specialty delis and supermarkets in Australia and the US.  The world of cheese can feel a bit intimidating, and so our goal is to make it fun, accessible and inspiring by sharing our recipes and our knowledge. 

What/who inspired your love for cheese and cooking?
Our father, Will Studd, inspired our love of cheese. He is, of course, THE CHEESE MAN – a cheese specialist, importer, writer and TV presenter. Growing up, cooking was a whole family affair. We ate predominantly from our vegetable garden, so we were in sync with the seasons.  We each had a designated job to contribute to the family meal, so the passion for quality ingredients was picked up through osmosis very early on. 

What inspired your recipe for National Mac & Cheese Day?
This is our go-to Mac ‘n’ Cheese recipe for the winter. It is comforting, indulgent and a little spicy, all in one – perfect for a night in by the fire (or heater), watching your favorite childhood movie. We love that it’s both nostalgic and sophisticated, a comfort food with some fancy cheese swirled through it.

What’s your favourite cheese? And the perfect pairing to go with it?
This is a tricky one! It really depends on our mood. Lately our favourite is Le Conquérant Normandy Camembert – it’s deliciously funky in flavour and smell, and it tastes like cooked cauliflower and white truffles. We love to spread a big hunk of it on a fresh crunchy baguette, and pair it with a crisp apple or dry cider.

What has been your favourite international foodie experience?
We LOVE to go to the Franche-Comté region of France, where we visit the producers and affineurs of our La Couronne Fort Aged Comté. This cheese is matured by Marcel Petite in an underground 12th Century fort with tunnels of floor-to-ceiling 50kg wheels of Comté. Franche-Comté is one of the most stunning parts of the world, with snow-capped mountains and Montbéliarde cows grazing on wildflowers – and fine Jura wines to enjoy with the cheese.

Sweet or savoury?
Savoury. Obvi! Cheese is our love language.

3 reasons why you love our Cordless Collection

  1. We love that these are cordless, so you don’t have to work out where the power point is in your kitchen, or be restricted to preparing your food right next to it.
  2. With the long battery life, you don’t have to unplug other appliances in your kitchen or battle to make room for everything on the bench.
  3. You can take these anywhere! We love them for margaritas on the beach, and we even take them camping. So handy and fun.