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  • Oct 19th 2020
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Halloween spider cookies recipe

Turn easy peanut butter cookies into a fun Halloween treat by using chocolate almonds and melted chocolate to turn them into spiders! Don't let too many of these creepy crawlies make into the bellies of all the trick or treaters - it'll keep them wanting more! Get the kids involved with our Halloween peanut butter spider cookies recipe!

Easy Halloween spider and bat cupcakes

These easy Halloween spider and bat cupcakes are perfect when you want a spooky and delicious treat! All you need is your favourite chocolate cupcake or muffin recipe, oreo biscuits and a pumpkin inspired or cream cheese frosting for the base!

Easy chocolate mud cake recipe for Halloween

This spooky and easy chocolate mud cake recipe is a great one for the Halloween season and for the kids. It’s a dirt chocolate mud cake decorated like a graveyard with cookie tombstones, chocolate trees, white chocolate ghost strawberries and the perfect addition to any Halloween party!

Dracula’s Dentures

Count Dracula has inspired many a Halloween costume with his slick back hair, black coat and those blood sucking teeth. This Dracula’s Denture recipe from The Girl Who Ate Everything is simple and looks great! The easiest thing of this Halloween recipe for your kids is that you can use store bought or homemade cookies. Keen to make the cookies from scratch? Try our Double Choc Chip Cookie recipe.

Image Credit: The Girl Who Ate Everything


Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops

Frankenstein the immortal with superhuman strength and second hand limbs is a Halloween treat favourite. This Frankenstein Marshmallow Pops recipe from Just A Taste is scarily cute! Whilst they are a little bit fiddly to create, they are sure to impress your Halloween guests.

Image Credit: Just A Taste


Halloween Monster Cookies

There is nothing scarier than the monsters of a child’s imagination. Let the spooky creativity run wild with these Halloween Monster Cookies from My Baking Addiction. Get the kids involved by letting them decorate the cookies themselves using the neon hue butter cream icing and lollies. No doubt it is one of these Halloween treats that will surprise your kids!

Image Credit: My Baking Addiction


Poison Toffee Apples

The sweet toffee apple gets a dark makeover in Simply Delicious’ Poison Toffee Apples. The glossy black toffee makes these apples look mysteriously terrifying yet tempting. Plus a little bit of apple makes this treat healthy...right?

Image Credit: Simply Delicious