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Colour of the year 2023 – Hibiscus

a vivid, lush fuchsia
with a matte finish

Inspired by the captivating beauty of the Hibiscus flower in a verdant garden, this eye-catching fuchsia is bound to stand out on your countertop just as it does in nature. Let your inner maker bloom with radiant Hibiscus empanadas or aromatic Hibiscus galette.

Vibrant and Lush

a vibrant Hibiscus fuchsia that’s bound to turn heads FEATURED RECIPES
the colour

How Hibiscus became the 2023 Colour of The Year

The Global Consumer Design team puts a lot of time into researching colour trends leading up to the selection of KitchenAid’s Colour of The Year. In doing so, they’ve tracked the trajectory of pink over the years. Check it out!

“Hibiscus empowers the inner maker to explore.”

–BRITTNI PERTIJS, Lead Colour, Material & Finish Designer, KitchenAid

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