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Collect a sticker for every $20 spent in store or online at New World and as soon as you have enough, redeem them for your choice of a KitchenAid glass container!

Plus look out for products with a a bonus sticker.

Introducing the range

This versatile range are the perfect tupperware container for storage, food preparation or using as a lunchbox! These glass containers are oven safe (up to 230 degrees), microwave safe, dishwasher safe and fridge/freezer safe.

Please note: lids, accessories and pump are not microwave or oven safe. The vacuum pump is also not fridge/freezer safe or dishwasher safe.

Key Features

Cook,serve and store in one glass
 Vacuum sealing
Vacuum pump helps keep food fresher
Keep food fresh
Airtight and leakproof containers
 Easy to stack
Efficient for the fridge and freezer

Small container with lid 0.4L

Ideal for storing dips and small herbs

Medium container with lid 0.7L

Ideal for fragile foods like berries and herbs

Large container with lid 1.2L

Ideal for fresh meal on the go

Extra large container 2.4L

Ideal for storage of salads or greens

Oven dish with lid 2.4L

Ideal for easy preparation and storage of pre-prepared meals

Vacuum pump

Remove air from your container to help keeo your food fresher for longer