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To celebrate the festive season, we asked some of the team for their KitchenAid favourites and what makes them so great!



"I dreamt of owning a KitchenAid stand mixer, and now I do... WOW!

No home is complete without it. I use mine for recipes, both savoury and sweet. I also love my attachments, such as the Fresh Prep. The Bread Bowl is next level, I bake bread weekly. But you really can't go past the pavlovas and cheesecakes, sweet treat heaven."



"I love everything about my stand mixer from the beautiful Misty Blue colour, to the attachments. My daughter loves to help me making fresh pasta and when I spiralise veggies for her."

Alice Gamble
Digital Marketing Specialist

3 Piece Pasta Attachment

"I love that I can easily make fresh home made pasta from scratch at home using the 3 piece pasta attachment! I love that the set comes with a fettuccine cutter, spaghetti cutter and sheet cutter so that I can make whatever shape I feel like."

Dannie Trinh
Marketing Manager

spiraliser attachment

"Pasta night is a tradition every week in our household, however, sometimes after a carb filled day already, I love to change it up by making zoodles instead of normal pasta using zucchini and my spiraliser attachment. I used to grate my zucchini using a manual grater which was extremely laborious. My spiraliser gives me zoodles in seconds, and it's so easy to use and clean. Plus its a novelty for the kids and a fun way to get them to eat their veggies!"

Nick Smith
Field Sales Representative

Food Grinder Attachment

"As a keen outdoor cook who loves to BBQ and smoke meats the Metal Food Grinder attachment is a must for me. As the days begin to warm up it's perfect for home made sausages, burgers or rissoles.

It's great to know exactly what is going into the food you and your family are eating and it's also nice to be able to tweak recipes and flavours to suit tastes."

Summa Robb
Sales & Operations Assistant

7 cup food processor

"The 7 cup food processor is so easy to use. I love that it is compact and is able to have all the accesories stored inside it. It's so great for a small kitchen and allows me to easily prep my food for the week ahead."

Lauren Linter
Demand Planner

K400 Blender

"This is my number one go-to machine for my protein smoothies through the week, then cocktails on the weekend. It blends all the ingredients (yes, even kale!) so there are no lumps. Plus, the crush ice function allows for that perfect Espresso Martini or Amoretto Sour with the girls."

Belinda Gizzard
In house maker

Cordless Hand Mixer

"I love the convenience of the Cordless Hand Mixer!

"I do all my food preparation on my Island bench, so the ease of using an appliance and not having to worry about plugging it in is a game changer."

Matt Browning

Cordless food chopper

"Easily my NEW favourite product! The versatility of the food chopper combined with the cordless convenience of being able to just pull it out of the drawer and use it straight away, which is ideal as we use it every day!"