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  • Jul 10th 2023
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Not sure which bowl-lift model suits your needs? See below for more information on each model

5.6L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer KSM60

The KSM60 bowl-lift stand mixer features 1.5x more power in the bowl than before*. With professional-style performance paired with a 5.6L Stainless Steel bowl with a 3-point locking for stability when mixing heavy, dense ingredients. This mixer comes with a Wire Whip, Flat Beater, Spiral Dough Hook and Pouring Shield. It is designed with 11 distinct speeds, including 1/2 speed, so you'll have power and control from high to low, and everything in between. 

6.6L Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer KSM70

The KSM70 bowl-lift stand mixer has the same great features as the KSM60, however it features a larger size bowl, which is perfect for those even bigger batches, as well as stainless steel accessories and a double flex edge beater.

7.6L Commercial Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer KSMC895

The KSMC895 commercial bowl-lift stand mixer is a professional-grade mixer designed for commercial kitchens and serious home cooks who need a high-capacity and powerful mixing solution.

This model comes with a generous 7.6L stainless steel mixing bowl, which is the largest bowl capacity available in our mixers. It allows you to mix large batches of dough, batter, or other recipes, making it ideal for commercial kitchens or those who frequently cook or bake in large quantities. The powerful motor can easily knead dough, mix thick batters, whip cream, and perform other demanding mixing functions. The mixer offers ten different speed settings, allowing you to choose the appropriate speed for your specific mixing needs. 

In summary, the main differences between these models lie in their capacity.  The KSM60 and KSM70 are suitable for home use and offer different bowl sizes, while the KSMC895 is designed for more demanding applications, such as commercial kitchens or heavy-duty home baking needs.

To amplify your creativity, explore our 10+ stand mixer attachments, each with the power to open a world of untapped cooking techniques, experimentation and inspiration.**

*Compared to previous model 5KPM5 when measuring peak HP in the bowl.

** Please note that the KSMICM ice cream bowl attachment isn't suitable for use with a bowl-lift stand mixer