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Homemade vs. store-bought

From creating in the kitchen to enjoying the taste of every ingredient, there's nothing quite like a homecooked meal. Move away from store-bought foods and step into your "made from scratch" era with tips and recipe inspiration featuring some of our stand mixer attachments.

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Creating recipes from scratch has never been easier with your beloved stand mixer. Beyond baking, it's great for food prep, transforming your stand mixer into a slicer, shredder and meat grinder.

For fresh prep Mobile Image

For fresh prep

Instead of buying prepared veggies and pre-cut cheese, keep your homecooked meals as fresh as possible by prepping your own with our Fresh Prep/Slicer and Shredder Attachment. 

For wholesome meals Mobile Image

For wholesome meals

Do we really know what goes in those store-bought sausages and meat patties? Nothing beats making them yourself with quality meat from the butcher, a KitchenAid stand mixer and metal food grinder.

And not only that, you can turn your stand mixer into a pasta maker, ice cream maker and more. Who doesn't love freshly made pasta and gourmet ice cream!

For gourmet ice cream Mobile Image

For gourmet ice cream

Don't reach for store-bought ice cream that's full of preservatives and have more sugar than homemade. With our ice cream bowl attachment, you can be making healthier, gourmet ice cream in any flavour you desire.