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  • Oct 15th 2021
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Our blenders feature a powerful blending vortex created by the unique 3-part blending system: asymmetric blade blends at four angles, ribbed jar folds contents onto the blade and the adaptive motor senses contents and maintains optimal speed on all ingredients.

Blender uses


There’s nothing like a tasty breakfast smoothie to kick start and fuel your day. It's easy to make and perfect for an easy breakfast when you want something delicious and nutritious. Pair your favourite fruits with your preferred leafy greens or whether it’s a green smoothie, berry or a tropical smoothie, it’s easy to change it up to try different kinds of fruits and yoghurts to change up the flavour profile of your breakfast smoothie.

Our K400 blender is designed to deliver the perfect taste. You can blend whole fruits, fibrous vegetables, and tough ingredients you never thought could blend before. From kale to almonds and more, it will power through even the toughest ingredients for smooth and delicious results.

  • Start your day or re-energize with this fresh and delicious berry smoothie made with orange juice, raspberries and strawberries.
  • This green smoothie bowl is packed with plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables such as kale, banana and avocado for a source of good fats - top with your favourite toppings
  • Looking for a dairy free alternative? This refreshing berry smoothie made with a healthy combination of fruit and yoghurt that’s kid-approved!

Soup and purees

Whizz up a fresh sauce in seconds or transform raw ingredients and enjoy a hot or cold home-made soup packed with nutritious leafy greens and vegetables!

  • Vibrant flavours of pomelo and lime go beautifully together in this rich, creamy and zesty curd that is as tasty as it is versatile.Serve it with scones or toast!
  • Add a spicy kick of flavour with this chilli paste (sambal oelek) with the addition of fresh lemongrass and lime zest - and, once you try it, it’s sure to become a staple of your kitchen.
  • Creamy and flavour packed with warm mediterranean spices, garlic fresh ginger, this carrot & ginger soup is so quick and easy that it won't take long until it warms you up!


Create your favourite sweet recipes with speed. Whether it's cold desserts like gelato and sorbet or delicious cheesecakes or pancakes, our blenders will deliver smooth results every time.

These buttermilk pancakes with lemon curd is the perfect brekkie or brunch entertainer to share with the whole family. The buttermilk adds a lovely tangy flavour to the pikelets, which is incredibly delicious, especially when combined with a wonderful lemon curd!

Frozen drinks

  • This honey pineapple cocktail combines the tropical sweetness of pineapple with the warmth of honey sage syrup. Add in a dash of vodka and before you know it, you'll be transported to a warm tropical island.
  • The classic Margarita combines tequila, lime and triple sec in a refreshing and crisp drink. It's a cocktail that dates back to the 1930s and is just as popular today!

Blender tips

Lightest to heaviest

Transform any ingredient into smooth and even textures. Always ensure you cut down ingredients into smaller pieces and drop in from lightest to heaviest ingredient, ALWAYS start with liquid, and make sure it covers the blade. It’s important to get the liquid/solid ratio right to ensure even blending.

How to clean

Clean the blender thoroughly for its good maintenance. Our blenders are easy to clean and have a self cleaning cycle. After even the toughest blends by adding water and a drop of soap to the jar, then running on the self-clean cycle it, cleaning up has never been easier!

The blender jar, blades, easy-off lid, and removable handle grip are all dishwasher safe for added convenience. and easy cleaning. The blender jug can be easily cleaned and rinsed while still attached to the base, or individually. or cord in water. Do not use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads to avoid scratching.

Blend soups

Our Pro Line blender can blend and blitz hot ingredients into warm delicious soups. Heat soups and sauces in just five minutes and keep them warm in the thermal jar. Pour your soup or sauce with ease: the outer jar remains cool to the touch, and a venting lid allows you to blend hot liquids without steam buildup.

You can use a range of fresh, seasonal ingredients such as beetroots, cauliflower, sweet potato or butternut squash, roasting or sauteeing some aromatics, adding it in your blender with some seasoning and stock, and you have soup!


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